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Minor in Screenwriting or Cinema Studies

Pursue a minor in screenwriting or cinema studies and explore the rich, cultural and creative landscape of cinema, television and new media entertainment. The screenwriting and cinema studies minors are available to students who are not majoring in cinema production, animation or screenwriting.

Screenwriting Minor

Students minoring in screenwriting will develop a critical understanding and practical application of writing for the screen. Students begin creating scripts in their first course and will study screenwriting as an art form, a craft and as a cultural/historical mirror. Students will complete the minor with a portfolio of written work, including scripts for:

  • Feature films
  • Sitcoms
  • One-hour drama
  • TV animation
  • Video games
  • Web and interactive media

Cinema Studies Minor

The cinema studies minor is for students interested in developing a critical understanding of the moving image.

Audio-visual media play a dominant role in our culture and in our lives, and this course of study will provide students with the skills to understand and interpret various forms of the moving image.

This course of study regards cinema as an art form, as social practice, and as cultural/historical artifact. Courses in the minor cover the history, theory, criticism and practice of the moving image, with the aim of creating active and critical viewers of films and other audio-visual texts.

Courses in the cinema studies minor include:

  • History of American Cinema
  • History of International Cinema
  • The Disney Empire
  • The Animated Feature Film
  • French New Wave
  • Cinema of the '70s
  • Cinema of the '90s


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