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Families and Neighborhoods 

Teachers: Amy Gigler, Kellie Meyer, Maura Zang
Project Children L.E.A.D. Director: Dr. Vincenne Revilla Beltran
Subject Area: Diversity, Language Area
Grade level: Pre-Kindergarten (Ages 4-5)
Length of Lesson: 40-60 minutes, Day 2 of 3

Date: October 14, 2004

Teachers: Amy Gigler, Kellie Meyer, Maura Zang

Subject Area: Language Area

Ages: Four to Five

Length of Lesson: 40-60 Minutes


Lesson: Families and Neighborhoods; Project Children LEAD Curriculum


Learning Goals: The class will be able to distinguish where their homes are to the city of Pittsburgh, where they attend school.


Day 2


NAEYC Standards:

Understanding Ourselves, Our Communities, and Our World

2.71 Children are provided opportunities and materials to learn location and direction and conventional terms and symbols for maps.

2.72 Children are provided varied opportunities and materials that allow them to contribute to the well-being of their classroom and the community, including care for the social and physical environments in which they live.


State Standards:

Use a Variety of Visual Art Forms for Creative Expression and Representation

1.2 Demonstrate the ability to represent experiences, thoughts and ideas through the use of visual art forms.

1.3 Select different media to express emotions and ideas.


Objective: Students will be able to outline their homes in conjunction to their school.


Materials: Book: All Families Are Special, by Norma Sina

Pittsburgh Map


Pictures of their homes

Artists Colored Chalk

Black Paper


Adaptations to Differentiate Instruction: The class will be given pictures of Pittsburgh to refer to when creating their own town.


Procedure: The City of Pittsburgh, "Our Neighbor"


  1. After reading, All Families Are Special, the class will sit together and talk about the different things they see on the way to school.

  2. We will then talk about what we see in the city of Pittsburgh.

  3. The class will be given black paper and artists chalk and will begin creating variations of what they see on the way to school after leaving their homes.

  4. The class will then take these pictures and connect them to a map of Pittsburgh seeing how far each of them live to the city.

  5. This will also inform the students of where their friends live as well.


Key Experiences: Creative Representation, Social Interaction, Fine Motor Skills,

Language Representation