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Foods and Languages of the World 

Teachers: Amy Gigler, Kellie Meyer, Maura Zang
Project Children L.E.A.D. Director: Dr. Vincenne Revilla Beltran
Subject Area: Diversity, Language Arts/History
Grade level: Pre-Kindergarten (Ages 4-5)
Length of Lesson: 30 minutes, Day 1 of 7

Lesson: Foods and Languages; Project Children's LEAD Curriculum 

Learning Goals: The class will be able to recognize the Italian Flag. 

Day 1


NAEYC Standards:

Building Positive Relationships Among Peers

1.20 Teachers support children's development of friendships and provide opportunities for children to play with and learn from each other.

Promoting Self-Regulation

    1. Teachers actively teach children social, communication, and emotional regulation skills.


State Standards:

Develop an Understanding of the Sounds of Language

    1. Develop understanding of word awareness

Use Different Forms of Writing Such as Drawing, Letter-Like Forms, Invented Spelling and Conventional Forms.

    1. Use recognizable drawings to express thoughts, feelings and ideas


Objective: The students will be able to create their own replica of the Italian flag.


Adaptation to Differentiate Instruction: The class will be given Italian music to listen to if they do not wish to join in on singing the songs.

Procedure: "Italy"

  1. The class will be introduced to the Italian flag and we will discuss the similarities and differences it has to the American flag.

  2. The teacher will present paper and red, white, and green paint to the class.

  3. The class will then present their painted flags to the class.

Key Experiences: Social Language. Creative Representation, Fine Motor Skills