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Foods and Languages of the World 

Teachers: Amy Gigler, Kellie Meyer, Maura Zang
Project Children L.E.A.D. Director: Dr. Vincenne Revilla Beltran
Subject Area: Diversity, Language Arts/History
Grade level: Pre-Kindergarten (Ages 4-5)
Length of Lesson: 30 minutes, Day 3 of 7 

Learning Goals: The students will differentiate the German flag from the American flag.

Day 3

NAEYC Standards:

Promoting Self-Regulation

1.9 Teachers actively teach children social, communication, and emotional regulation skills

Using Instruction to Deepen Children's Understanding and Build their Skills and Knowledge

    1. Teachers help children identify and use prior knowledge. They provide experiences that extend and challenge children's current understandings


State Standards:

Communicate Ideas, Experiences, and Feeling for a Variety of Purposes

2.5 Initiate and responds appropriately in conversation and discussion with adults and children

Objective: The students will be able to identify the German flag.


Black, Red, and Yellow felt



 Adaptations to Differentiate Instruction: The class will be given pictures of the German flag if they wish to color one instead of using felt.

Procedure: "The German Flag" 

  1. The class will be introduced to the German flag.

  2. The class will then look and the differences and similarities between the German flag and the American flag.

  3. The class will be given black, red, and yellow felt pieces to create their own German flag.

Key Experiences: Creative Representation, Fine Motor Skills