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Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice & Intelligence Studies
Online Director and Coordinator, Intelligence and National Security Program


Contact InformationPictured is Sean Elliot Martin, Ph.D., full-time instructor for the Department of Criminal Justice and Intelligence Studies. | Photo by Chris Rolinson


  • Bachelor of Arts, English Literature, University of Toledo
  • Master of Arts, English Literature, Eastern Michigan University
  • Doctor of Philosophy, English Literature, Duquesne University
  • Professional Certificate, Intelligence and National Security, Point Park University

Courses Taught

  • Critical Thinking for Analysts
  • Intelligence Analyst/Critical Thinking
  • Misinformation and Psy Ops
  • Identifying and Analyzing Propaganda
  • Research Methods in Security and Intelligence Studies
  • Communications and Writing for Intelligence
  • Thesis Project


Sean Elliot Martin, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the Department of Criminal Justice and Intelligence Studies and the online director and coordinator of the undergraduate intelligence and national security program at Point Park University.

He is also an international freelance researcher and writer for clients in Israel, Singapore, Japan, England, Australia, Canada and across the United States. Additionally, Martin serves as an unarmed combat instructor for members of the Pittsburgh Police Department, various military personnel and security personnel as well as university students in criminal justice and intelligence studies programs.

While teaching, Martin is pursuing from Point Park University a B.A. in psychology (with a concentration in forensic psychology focusing on criminal pathology) and an M.S. in environmental studies, in which he is examining the connection between natural resource distribution and global conflict and crime. As part of his research work, Martin has traveled to various countries including Egypt, Ecuador, Mexico, Grand Cayman and Japan.

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests and Specializations

  • Interdisciplinary approaches to criminal justice and intelligence studies
  • Intelligence writing
  • Psychological approaches to literary and cultural studies
  • Research methodology and critical thinking
  • Public and professional speaking
  • World cultures and religions
  • Psychological analysis of cultural documents
  • Journalism (research and writing)

Selected Publications

  • "Structuralist Methods of Psy Op Target Analysis, A Supplemental Manual," distributed by the 303rd Psychological Operations Unit of the Army Reserves, 2015.
  • Pittsburgh, the Greatest City in the World, (with Heath Curran), CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2009.
  • Doing Good Works: Small Acts that Make a Big Difference, (co-written with Bryan Douglas), Think Big Press, 2009.
  • "The Protector's Pages: 101 tips for crime prevention and self-defense," widely distributed online and in hard copy, 2005.

Selected Presentations

  • "Crime Prevention and Cultural Analysis," Eastern USA International Black Belt Hall of Fame Seminar Series, 2014.
  • "Pre-Industrial Intelligence Tradecraft," Eastern USA International Black Belt Hall of Fame Seminar Series, 2013.
  • "Lethal Kage-Essensu Survival Combat for Federal Law Enforcement and Military Personnel," Eastern USA International Black Belt Hall of Fame Seminar Series, 2012.
  • "A History of Espionage in the Pittsburgh Region," Moon Township Historical Society, 2012.
  • "Introduction to Forensic Martial Arts Analysis Theory," Eastern USA International Black Belt Hall of Fame Seminar Series, 2011.
  • "The Border of Twilight: Representations of Nocturnal America, Modern Language Association International Conference, 2000.

Selected Honors and Awards

  • Ph.D., Martial Arts Philosophy, College of Advanced Education and Martial Arts Studies
  • Alpha Chai Honor Society for work in forensic psychology
  • Certificate of Distinguished Faculty Excellence, Duquesne University Spiritan Division
  • Golden Key Honor Society for Ph.D. work in English
  • Tenth Degree Black Belt of the Kage-Essensu Survival Combat/Law Enforcement Technique
  • Fifth Degree Black Belt of Combat Jiu-Jitsu and Freestyle Karate
  • Grandmaster of the Year and Outstanding Contribution to the Martial Arts, Eastern USA International Martial Arts Association Black Belt Hall of Fame
  • Special recognition from the Chief of Police of Dormont
  • International Pewter Award of Leadership
  • 2015 Martial Arts Excellence Award, International Black Belt Hall of Fame

Current Professional Memberships

  • Member, Order of the Sword and Shield
  • Associate Member, National Organization of Black Law Enforcement
  • Member, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences
  • Member, Eastern USA International Martial Arts Association Black Belt Hall of Fame

Volunteer Work

  • Instructor of crime prevention and self-defense
  • Co-founder, Pittsburgh People Helping People (2010)
  • Co-coordinator, Paint it Forward art for charity
  • Co-founder, Pittsburgh Arts for Change
  • Instructor, self-defense for blind students (1997-1998)

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