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James Ogden II poses in the Pittsburgh Playhouse. Photo by Joel Brewton

At Point Park, we know that there are many issues to consider as you and your family move through the college search process. Affordability is often high on the list.

Did you know that 99% of our incoming freshmen in fall 2012 received some type of financial aid and that the average annual assistance package for 2012-13 was $21,900*? We're proud of our ability to offer grants, scholarships and other assistance opportunities that enable so many students to benefit from the value of a Point Park education.

As you compare costs of various institutions, we urge you to forget the full-pay "sticker price." Check out Point Park University's financial aid options, and try our easy-to-use net price calculator.

But first, read more about the proven value of a Point Park education:

* Includes all types of financial aid, including federal, state and institutional grants, as well as federal loans