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Point Park offers many Federal Work-Study jobs that provide work experience to full-time students. Under the program, the government provides compensation for students who work within the University. According to the Federal Work-StudyProgram Student Guidelines Handbook, in order to be considered for Work-Study employment, a student must:

1. Demonstrate a financial need.
2. Be enrolled for at least 12 credits (full-time) and maintain good academic standing.
3. Complete a FAFSA form each year to maintain eligibility.

How to obtain a Federal Work-Study position

New FWS Employees:

Any interested students who will be new to Point Park University's Federal Work Study Program must take a tutorial on Schoology in order to learn about the program, the application process, obtain the tax forms and view the job directory. The tutorial will be available on Schoology through PointWeb for those students who are eligible for the Federal Work Study Program the week prior to the start of classes each semester. Positions are limited and are not guaranteed.

There will also be workshops scheduled during the first week of classes. Students can check eligibility, take the tutorial, pick up forms or submit new hire or rehire paperwork.

If you are hired by a University department, you must show proof of citizenship before you begin to work. You should bring original forms of identification with you so not to delay starting to work.

Returning FWS Employees:

A new application must be completed each academic year whether a student is new or returning in order to update the student's information, verify eligibility, and process for payroll. If a student transfers to a new department during the academic year, then an application must be completed and employment must be approved prior to starting employment.

Federal Work-Study is not guaranteed employment and jobs are limited. If you are not eligible or if work-study employment does not meet your needs or schedule, another option is to contact the Career Development office for information on off-campus employment.

Examples of Typical Federal Work-Study Jobs:

  • Clerical Assistant positions in various departments
  • Exercise Floor Attendant in the student center
  • Scene Shop Assistant, Costume Shop Assistant, Electrical Assistant, Usher, and Box Office Assistant at the Pittsburgh Playhouse
  • Tour guide in the Admissions Office
  • Library Assistant
  • Off campus positions at local non-profit organization - list is provided

If you want to apply for Federal Work-Study, check your eligibility, or pick up a copy of the Federal Work Study Program Student Handbook, please see Jessica Ureste, HR Coordinator, Human Resources office (705 Frontier Hall). Office hours are 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Contact Jessica at (412) 392-3952 or