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Frequently Asked Questions About the Residence Halls

We have single, double and triple rooms; female-only, co-ed, and living and learning community floors, as well as suite/apartment style living.

There is no phone service in the residence halls. Residents must have a cell phone. Every room is equipped with one ethernet port per resident for connection to the University network, as well as free, campus-wide WiFi access. Personal routers are not permitted, as they interfere with our wireless network.

The Point Park Department of Public Safety maintains a continuous service on campus and can be reached 24-hours a day. Student Life staff members are trained to deal with emergency situations. Fire alarm systems and smoke detectors exist in all rooms to ensure the safety of residents. Resident Educators are on duty nightly.

The University does not insure personal belongings and does not assume liability for theft or damage. Parents' homeowner's insurance policy may be able to provide residents with insurance coverage.

The resident should contact the Office of Student Life (first floor of Pioneer Hall) to request a lock change. After regular business hours, the resident should contact the Department of Public Safety. The resident will be charged $70 for a lock change.

A Pioneer Card gives students the right to enter the building and their respective residence hall floor (if they are a resident), use the Lawrence Hall dining room and check out books from the library. Any student who loses their Pioneer Card must go to the Student Services Office (located on the first floor of Thayer Hall) to obtain a new card. There is a $25 charge for a new Pioneer Card. 

If the resident is unhappy with his/her room assignment and/or roommate, he/she may request a room change. The resident should contact his/her Resident Educator for assistance.

All students residing in Thayer or Lawrence Hall must purchase a meal plan. Students living in Pioneer or Conestoga can purchase a limited plan and residents of the Boulevard Apartments can decide whether or not to purchase a meal plan.

Cooking is not permitted in the first-year residence halls. No appliances of any type are permitted in Thayer or Lawrence Halls. Pioneer and Conestoga Suites are equipped with a sink, mini fridge, and a microwave. The Boulevard Apartments are equipped with a stove and oven, full refrigerator, and a dishwasher.

A guest is defined as anyone who does not live in the residence halls (this includes commuter students who live off campus).

Yes. Refer to the Student Handbook for our guest policy.

The mattresses are the typical twin bed size. The actual size is 35 x 75 inches. Boulevard Apartment numbers that end in 00, 01, 02 and 03 have extra-long twin bed size.

Lawrence Hall windows are 48 x 72 inches. Mini-blinds are provided.

No. Students are not permitted to paint or make repairs and/or improvements to their rooms that cause permanent changes or damage.

No. Objects with potential to cause bodily harm to residents are not allowed in the residence halls. Such objects include but are not limited to: fireworks, explosives, BB guns, shotguns, stun guns, knives, bows and arrows, various martial arts weapons and box cutters.

The University's alcohol policy is explained in the Judicial Standards section.