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Meet Morgan McCoy

Job Title & Employer
Event Planning Intern, Grant Street Group
Public Relations & Advertising
April 2019
College Activities
AdFed/PRSSA, Bison Media, The Globe
Vice Presidential
Pittsburgh, Pa.
High School
Pittsburgh CAPA
Hobbies & Interests

Vintage clothing, crafts (embroidery and weaving), riding my bike, theater and volunteering for the Pittsburgh August WIlson Monologue competition

"Point Park is small in a way where I don't know every student, but I do know someone will always be available to give me the attention I need to be successful. It was the best decision I have ever made."

Morgan McCoy

How did you land your internship with Grant Street Group?

I met two wonderful Grant Street Group (GSG) representatives at Point Park's Fall 2017 Internship and Job Fair, where I was working as a practicum student for the Career Development Center. They gave me information about a shadow day and I attended. I was so impressed by the staff, office and operations that I knew I had to apply the minute I left the shadow day. I went through multiple rounds of interviews and was offered the internship in December.

What are your key responsibilities as an event planning intern?

It's hard to define my key responsibilities because events have a lot of moving parts that aren't easily categorized. Mainly, my job is to create and follow project plans related to events, perform my assigned tasks, and lend support to the events, conferences and administrative teams as needed. The tasks fall into categories like logistics, vendor communications and market research. GSG has its processes and flow exceptionally well coordinated, so my main responsibility is completing tasks in a timely manner while maintaining a high level of quality.

What’s it like working with a Point Park University alumna as your supervisor?

It has been a pleasure to work with sports, arts and entertainment management alumna Danielle Himes, '07, who is an event coordinator at GSG. I think because Point Park students are empowered to take responsibility and command of their work, they leave as very effective leaders.

Danielle is a decisive, collaborative and realistic leader. Everyone at GSG operates in this hyperfunctional way that somehow does not sacrifice empathy. It runs like a machine — without qualifying all work just by how fast it's done and the outcome it generates — and it's very people centric. Working with Danielle makes me even more excited about the possibilities of my future as a Point Park alumna.

What factors led you to pursue your undergraduate degree at Point Park?

I did not want to do anything after high school. I was extremely uninspired by school and applied to local schools thinking I'd stay in Pennsylvania another year and transfer later. Then, I found out about Point Park's great range of awesome, focused programs and figured out it was the most affordable option by a long shot. I chose public relations and advertising because it was related to the work I was doing in my super cool internship at the time; communications, promotion and event planning with I Made it! Market.

Point Park is small in a way where I don't know every student, but I do know someone will always be available to give me the attention I need to be successful. It was the best decision I have ever made.

What are your goals for the fall semester?

I am excited to work with this year's PRSSA executive board. Our goal is to leave our campus chapter in an amazing state for future members by establishing mentorship opportunities and structuring our student-run firm for lasting success.

Another goal is to raise Point Park's status in the national PRSSA community through my role as a regional ambassador. I'm also determined to win this year's thePitch, Pittsburgh Advertising Federation's collegiate advertising competition (which I encourage everyone to participate in).

Is there anything else you would like to add?

My advice to students is to get the words 'tired' and 'busy' out of your vocabulary. Those words make you boring and flat. You have depth, energy and gifts to give in every opportunity that presents itself. Do everything but don't sell yourself short.

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